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Message from the President

The Kingdom's Vision 2030 represents a milestone for us here in the Saudi Post Corporation -SPL- , as it is a source of inspiration and a road map from which to start the implementation of our strategy towards transformation. We are mindful of the need to be compatible with the goals and aspirations of the ambitious Vision programs and their objectives that represent a unique model reflecting the Kingdom’s ambitions for the future. We are thankful for the support and motivation in this great country of the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, and His Highness, the Crown Prince, who inspired the Vision - may God protect them and the supervision by his excellency the Chairman of the board of Directors and Minister of Transport and Logistics Services, Eng. Saleh Al-Jasser

Saudi Post is witnessing an ambitious strategic plan that aims to achieve significant leaps in its operations and provide innovative services that keep pace with the government’s approach to transforming the Kingdom into a global logistical platform. We seek to serve our customers in promoting our services related to their quality of life, and we continue to cooperate with our partners in both the Governmental and private sectors, together with the Universal Postal Union, in order to advance towards achievements and services according to the best international standards.

We also aspire to work continuously on the restructuring and development of all sectors to provide our customers with a number of options, by focusing on the adaptation of technology in all stages of the supply chain of Saudi Post. Throughout 2020, we achieved an annual work flow of some 26 million items, pushing the boundaries of our ambitions for development and transformation, accompanied by services and products in order to improve our customers' experience.

H.E Eng. Anef bin Ahmad Abanomai
President of the Saudi Post Corporation